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Contact Us: 360 Reid Street, Peterborough ON K9H 7G6
                     Office: (705) 743-3301
                     Emergency Pastoral Care: (705) 874-8603
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                     Trinity Minister:

                     Office Hours:

                      Monday - Thursday: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
                      Friday: 9:00 am - noon

                      Summer Office Hours:
                      Monday - Thursday: 9:00 am - noon




These are some of the groups and events that enliven Trinity.

  • Bible Study
  • Church Council
  • Teams
  • Choirs
  • Trinity Parlour Talks
  • Prayer Chain
  • Couples Club

We love music, good conversation, laughter and fellowship. The congregation is a mixture of people of all ages and educational/employment  backgrounds.  The building is one of the city's featured architectural landmarks known for its fine stained glass windows.  Its elevator enables persons with disabilities access to all levels of the building.

Location:  Trinity United Church, established in 1872, is centrally situated in downtown Peterborough at 360 Reid Street, bounded by Reid, Rubidge, Simcoe and Scott Streets.


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Worship Services:  Sundays, 10 a.m.  Join us for coffee and tea (lemonade in summer) after the service to meet other church members and renew friendships. Communion takes place frequently throughout the year. Baptisms are held as required.

Church School: Church School takes place approximately two Sundays per month (excluding the summer). Children are invited to leave for church school following Time Story during the worship service. Children participate in a variety of faith based activities. We have a nursery available for parents to use. The room has a speaker system allowing the parents to hear the church service.

Hearing: The church features a modern audio system with an infrared system to assist the hearing impaired. 

Music: Trinity services are enriched by our Chancel Choir, The Bells of Trinity and our Trinity Ensemble and a magnificent Casavant Frères pipe organ and Yamaha Grand Piano.  

Room Bookings:  (705) 743-3301 


E-mail (minister):

Trinity's Mission
"We will understand and live our Christian faith to transform our lives and relationships"

Trinity's Vision
God is the empowering presence in each one of us and in the world.

Trinity's Personality
Trinity people provide strong lay leadership, enthusiasm, tolerance, flexibility and leadership in the community.
Trinity is an older church, but changing.  Recently, many Trinity people have taken a lively interest in tackling perceived inconsistencies in traditional/orthodox theology. 
Book and Bible studies have delved into works by John Shelby Spong, Tom Harpur and Richard Holloway.  There is a strong desire to explore more of this, to connect our faith in a relevant way to our lives, such as the study opportunities provided through Living The Questions.  At the same time, we seek and encourage dialog with other faith traditions.

Trinity became an Affirming Congregation in April 2016.

Trinity's History
Trinity United Church started as the Charlotte Street Wesleyan Methodist Mission on Charlotte Street, south of the present site in 1872.  It became the Charlotte Street Methodist Church in 1884 and by 1914 the congregation began building a new church on a nearby site.  The present-day Trinity, was finished in 1916.  Trinity Methodist became Trinity United in 1925.  Additional halls, offices and meeting rooms were added in 1952 and 1955 and in 1991 renovations provided a new entrance and made the church wheelchair-accessible.

About Peterborough 
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Trinity United Church 360 Reid Street Peterborough, Ontario, K9H 7G6
(705) 743-3301